We wholesale 305 Michigan cannabis products.

Our goal is to help our vendors sell our products in the best possible way, so we specialize in in-store
merchandising, budtender training and engagement, vendor days, and events.

305 Brands helps customers maximize sales through consumer engagement and free product trials.

305 Brands

305 Brands is the sales and marketing division for all 305 Michigan brands launching in the Michigan cannabis market, including 305 Farms, Workers Cannabis, TableWeed, Lion Order, and many more.

305 Brands operates as an outsourced sales brokerage and merchandising support team, responsible for dissemination of our consolidated catalog of products manufactured by both 305 Farms (Lawrence, MI) and 305 Vapes (Lansing, MI).

305 Michigan Board of Directors

Jan Verleur

Board Member

Dan Recio

Board Member

John Shipman

Board Member

Larry Wexler

Board Member

cody kline
Brian Casey

Board Member

Matthew Peon

Board Member

Sales and Marketing Team

Jan Verleur

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Farber

Account Executive

Taylor Reynolds

Account Executive

Michael Blair

Sales Admin/Account Executive

Brad Koyak

VP Business Development

Kevin Zulu

Marketing Manager

305 Farms

305 Farms is a state-of-the-art indoor cannabis cultivation facility built with the best technology to make it sustainable, environmentally friendly, and, above all, create the highest quality products. Our 40-acre campus is constantly testing the boundaries of cultivation, extraction processes, and bioavailability of cannabinoids.

Our industry-leading manufacturing processes produce premium cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles for all consumers, including our exclusive 305 Farms product line.

Management Team

Matthew Peon

Chief Executive Officer

Giancarlo Zavala

Chief Information Officer

Joe Galarza

Director of Operations

Erica Timm

Director of HR

Darrell "DJ" Howley

General Manager

Tracy Morris

Director of Facilities

Abagail Kuenzli

Production Supervisor

Kendall Kling

Cultivation Supervisor

Zack Liu

Executive Vice President of Vape R&D Operations

Sam Liu

Vape Engineering (Shenzhen)